Cork pub lifts spirits in lockdown by delivering free pints of Guinness to regulars

Cork pub lifts spirits in lockdown by delivering free pints of Guinness to regulars

THE OWNER of a County Cork pub has been busy lifting spirits among his regulars by delivering free pints to them during lockdown. 

Like pubs all over Ireland, Paul Roche's in Mitchelstown has been closed for over two months as part of the restrictions designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

It’s a situation that has left the publican out of pocket and in possession of large quantities of beer, stout and ale untouched and close to going out of date. 

But rather than let all of it go to waste, he hatched a plan to let the local community know they were very much in his thoughts at this difficult time. 

Recruiting barman and local Pat Ronan, they set off in a custom-fit van, complete with beer taps and cooling facilities, on a mission to cheer up a few of their regulars with a lovely lockdown pint or two - free of charge. 

“A few of our regulars had been saying how much they missed a real draught pint,” Pat tells the Irish Post. 

So, we decided to put together a list and drive around Mitchelstown delivering pints”. 

“It was a spur of the moment decision,” he explained. 

“A mechanic friend of mine even helped us put together a van fitted with coolers and taps” 

A brilliantly uplifting gesture for the Mitchelstown community, footage of the mobile bar doing its rounds soon found its way to Facebook, where it has gone down a storm. 

“It was just our way of spreading a little joy in these depressing times,” Pat says. 

“A few free pints to lift the doom and gloom along with some great craic – that sort of thing only happens in Ireland.” 

He’s not wrong. 

Slainte mhath, Paul Roche's!