‘Cromwell is a cockroach’ - Oliver Cromwell statue vandalised in Manchester

‘Cromwell is a cockroach’ - Oliver Cromwell statue vandalised in Manchester

A STATUE of Oliver Cromwell has been graffitied in Manchester with the words “Cromwell is a cockroach” and “Irish invasion”. 

The words “BLM” and “f*** racist” were also spray painted on the monument of the English Civil War Figure which stands in the city’s Wythenshawe Park. 

Its defacing comes two weeks after protestors in Bristol toppled a statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston before throwing the bust into the nearby harbour. 

The incident sparked renewed calls in Ireland for a statue of Cromwell that sits outside the UK Houses of Parliament in London to be taken down. 

Cromwell served Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland during the 1600s.  

He infamously enacted a series of brutal military dictates that led to the deaths of countless innocent Irish civilians including at least 2,000 people in Wexford. 

The Grade II listed bronze statue of Cromwell, which dates back to 1875 is one of several set to be reviewed under plans announced by Manchester City Council in the wake of the George Floyd protests. 

Labour Councillor Glynn Evans, who represents the Brooklands ward where the statue is based, branded the act ‘just mindless graffiti’  

He said: “(Cromwell) did some things wrong, like with the Irish people.  

“The pyramids were built by slave labourers – would we pull them down?” 

The Labour politician continued: ‘It’s history. People haven’t found that statue offensive for many years. It’s just because of what has happened in America and all over.” 

“It’s somebody jumping on the bandwagon,” he continued. 

“If the council decides to move it then fine, but (the vandalism) is making the park look a mess.”