David Cameron pushing ahead with "English votes for English laws"

David Cameron pushing ahead with "English votes for English laws"

DAVID Cameron is expected to push ahead with plans to decrease the rights to vote of MPs representing constituencies outside of England.

The British Prime Minister's controversial “English votes for English law” plan will affect the 18 MPs from the North of Ireland, though it will mainly target those from Scotland.

Chris Grayling, leader of the House of Commons, confirmed yesterday that a debate on the matter would take place in Westminster “shortly”.

The rules, if introduced, will apply to MPs from the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish parliaments in the House of Commons.

Under the new regulations the Speaker of the House - currently John Bercow - would decide whether a piece of legislation effects all of Britain or just England.

It would mean in the initial stages of passing a piece legislation through the House, including the first, second and third readings and the report stage, all MPs would be entitled to vote.

However at the crucial committee stage - where the legislation is scrutinised line-by-line - it would pertain only to English MPs.