DCU students protest extortionate accomodation prices

DCU students protest extortionate accomodation prices

BOTH DCU and other Dublin based students are unifying in a bid to reduce inflated rent prices in the country's capital.

As the prices of houses and apartments in Dublin rise and rise, it leaves many students couch-surfing or staying with their parents which requires a long daily commute.

One student who is only too familiar with this struggle is DCU student Aaron Harper.

Mr Harper spoke to The Irish Post about a new petition he started in a bid to tackle astronomical renting prices in Ireland's capital.

Mr Harper said that it was a mutual feeling among himself and peers that the renting crisis in Dublin had gone too far, a feeling that conceived the petition:  "I started this petition as I simply had had enough of seeing the prices of accommodation jump higher and higher each year without any reason... I've spent a lot of time talking to friends and there seemed to be a general consensus that they felt exploited and I wanted to do something to help raise awareness that this is happening."

Mr Harper said the unreliability of some landlords has forced him to live in a variety of different accommodation in a bid to attend all his classes, with one period of time spent sleeping on a friend's couch: "My own experience is a mixed bag. I've lived in private student accommodation, a number of different houses, including my friend's couch for a few months and lived with my then girlfriends family for awhile last year."

Naturally, the feeling of uncertainty regarding his living conditions has impacted his well being: "It's something I've constantly worried about and still do. Its been incredibly difficult for me to find accommodation I can afford and at times has had a detrimental effect on my well being."

The petition itself has targeted a number of private student accommodation providers near DCU which have recently increased their annual prices by a significant amount.

The released prices for the 2018/19 academic year vary between €8,000 to almost €10,000 for a single room.

This is an increase of 27% on some rooms, which could cost up to €255 a week, taking advantage of the current state of the rental market, preying on students and their parents who are desperate to secure accommodation for the upcoming year.

Learning of the increase, the student's union of DCU have penned an open letter to off-campus accommodation reportedly overcharging students for rooms for the coming year.

The SU officers have offered to meet with the providers to negotiate a more affordable rate for incoming students who have no choice but to live near the campus.

If you'd like to sign the petition please click here.

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