Diageo to scrap Guinness spin-off craft beer brand Hop House 13

Diageo to scrap Guinness spin-off craft beer brand Hop House 13

THE GUINNESS spin-off beer brand Hop House 13 is reportedly set to be discontinued amid declining sales.

According to an exclusive report in The Grocer, Diageo is to cease the sale of the craft beer brand in Britain.

Originally launched in the hopes of cashing in on the craft beer boom, the Guinness spin-off has been delisted by its parent company.

As a result, the beer will soon be unavailable in supermarkets, pubs and bars across England, Scotland and Wales.

It represents a remarkable decline for a brand that had initially sold well in the UK, ranking among the best-selling brands with critics and customers praising it as a refreshing alternative to the lagers and beers already on offer.

However, a slump in sales during the pandemic despite soaring alcohol consumption during the pandemic has put paid to the brand in the UK with other regions potentially following.

The Grocer reports that Hop House lost 8.7% of its value over the 52 weeks to September 5th, 2020 while sales fell £2.5m to £26.7m with volumes down 12.5%.

Guinness, by contrast, added £27m to its value, rising to £104.5m over the same period with an overall 35% gain.

A spokesperson for the drinks company confirmed the plans explaining it as a “strategic decision” designed to help “prioritise the main Guinness trademark in Great Britain”.

They were keen to stress that the decision to shelve Hop House had been “difficult” but was they they felt was “right for Guinness in the long term.”