Doctors save man’s life by administering 15 cans of beer

Doctors save man’s life by administering 15 cans of beer

DOCTORS in Vietnam prescribed 15 cans of beer to a patient to save his life after he was diagnosed with dangerous levels of methanol. 

Nguyen Van Nhat, 48, was admitted to a hospital in the central Vietnamese province of Quang Tri suffering from alcohol poisoning, reports the Mirror.

The level of methanol (methyl alcohol) in his blood was more than 1,119 times the recommended limit.

Three cans of beer were immediately pumped into his stomach, followed by one can every hour for 12 hours.

The patient had fallen unconscious after the methanol in his body oxidised to formaldehyde, which in turn produced formic acid.

This can cause blindness and kidney failure.

However as the liver prioritises breaking down ethanol (ethyl alcohol) over methanol, doctors administered beer, which is ethanol-based.

This kept the liver occupied and prevented the production of further formic acid, allowing doctors enough time to perform dialysis to remove the methanol.

The patient regained consciousness after the 15th can of beer was administered, and was discharged from the hospital three weeks later, reports RT.