Dogs Trust Ireland's longest resident's Christmas wish comes true as he is finally adopted after 8 years

Dogs Trust Ireland's longest resident's Christmas wish comes true as he is finally adopted after 8 years

IT'S BEEN a bit of a ruff year for everyone, but one lucky pup is ending 2020 on a high.

Eleven-year-old Labrador Oscar has been in the care of Dogs Trust Ireland for a whopping eight years-- but this year his Christmas wish has come true as he has finally been adopted into a loving family.

Last year, the animal charity wrote a letter to 'Santa Paws', appealing for some kind person to see what a wonderful dog Oscar is, and promised the Labrador would repay his new family with "long walks, entertain them with his impressive repertoire of tricks and play fetch for hours".

While it took a little longer than hoped for Oscar's Christmas wish to come true, this year the beloved Labrador will have his own stocking hanging on the mantelpiece in a home of his very own.

Oscar was Dogs Trust Ireland's longest resident, having been in their care since 2012, and his best friend and carer Cheryl Monaghan of Dogs Trust Ireland said:

"As a carer you try not to get too attached to a dog because you hope before long, they will find their Forever Home -but Oscar became a favourite as we got to know him!

"Each year would pass, and Oscar would still be overlooked for being too strong, too big, and then sadly, too old. [Oscar's adopter] Brian saw past all of that and was adamant about adopting Oscar after the sad passing of his dog Jake who was also adopted from us.

"You couldn’t find a more dedicated adopter than Brian - he came into our centre every day for several weeks to build up a bond with Oscar. Now Oscar has his own bedroom, couch, back-garden, and most importantly his own family. We couldn’t be happier for him!”

Oscar's new best friend and adopter, Brian Lahiff, said:

"After losing my dog, and best friend Jake, I knew I wanted to give another dog a second chance at happiness. I chose Oscar for one reason, and one reason only, Oscar had spent eight years waiting to be adopted.

"He deserved a chance to spend his final years on the outside looking in, rather than the inside looking out. Although I was broken hearted when Jake passed, I knew he would like me to adopt one of his buddies in Dogs Trust and give another dog a taste of the happy life that he and I spent together.

"You might think adopting a long-term dog like Oscar is a big commitment, but it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever hope to have. This Christmas is an extra special one for both Oscar and me. It’s our first one together so I’ll make sure to make up for the Christmases he missed in a home.

"Christmas is a time for giving, and Oscar has given me more than I could ever imagine, so I’d like to return the favour.”

We love a happy ending...