Dublin Airport introduces plastic-free water bottles for travellers

Dublin Airport introduces plastic-free water bottles for travellers

DUBLIN AIRPORT are to introduce plastic-free water bottles as an alternative for travellers to take before boarding their flight.

Over the next few weeks, plastic-free bottles will be made available for customers and will be added to the shelves located after security screening in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Passengers will still be able to grab themselves a usual carton of water but now they’ll have the chance to pick up an environmentally friendly one as they head to their flight.

The move comes as part of Dublin Airport’s ‘sustainability programme’, and their Twitter account posted this morning about the initiative:

“As part of our sustainability programme we’re testing alternatives to our Plane Water bottles over the next few weeks. Passengers can pick up a carton of water or buy a 100% recyclable & reusable bottle of Plane Water in T1 or T2 after security screening. Both cost €1.” Read the tweet.

The shelves where the bottles are available, which are dotted around the airport, rely on an honesty system, where customers can choose whether to simply take a bottle or whether to drop €1 into the box.

Last year, Dublin airport announced that a surprisingly high number of people actually pay for their bottles, reporting that 92% of people abide by the honesty system.

As further part to their sustainability programme, the airport plans next to roll out 18 new hydration stations around the complex in the hope that people will stop buying plastic bottles altogether.