Dublin and Derry Real IRA units 'biggest threat'

Dublin and Derry Real IRA units 'biggest threat'

A DISSIDENT alliance between Real IRA factions in Dublin and Derry is believed to possess the greatest capacity to launch an attack on Britain.  However MI5 believes that threat is still some way off and has advised the British Government to downgrade their threat level from substantial to moderate.

The news follows evidence of a major fundraising push by renegade republicans as they bid to finance a wider campaign of violence on both islands with factions stepping up their rackets in cigarette smuggling and oil laundering.

It is also believed that elements from the old Provisional IRA are returning to play prominent roles in racketeering and gardaí say it may be necessary to upgrade the strength of the gangs based on intelligence they’ve gathered since the murder of Dublin Real IRA faction leader Alan Ryan last September.

The emergence of the plot to kill a British soldier, who was spending  time with his family in Limerick at  Christmas, is also a cause of concern  for security services in the  Republic. But one senior source said the dissident factions remain disjointed and many of the southern  elements are using the banner  as a front for criminality.

“There are little units here and  there, but they are small in number  and it would appear they have failed  to import any sizeable munitions  from anywhere,” the senior security  source told The Irish Post.

“Through decommissioning it has  been established that 90 per cent of  weapons and bomb making materials  were handed over, that’s about as  good as you are going to get because  there are people who have been  killed that previously stashed  weapons.

“The whole structure of the old  Provisional IRA is gone, the Chief  of Staff — that went with giving up  the arms, and the whole general  grouping there. It’s well established  there is no Real IRA army council.

“It’s largely fundraising gangsters  in Dublin and they call themselves  dissident. It’s smuggling,  diesel laundering and laundering  the money they achieve in this.  They’ve gone away from major robberies.  You don’t hear of Dublin  gangsters being stopped when they  come out of Belfast, the factions are  answerable to no one really, they are  quite splintery in structure and  localised.”

Meanwhile, crime bosses who are  believed to have ordered the murder  of Alan Ryan are now being targeted  by the Criminal Assets Bureau  (CAB). It is believed that CAB hope  to net property worth an estimated  €4million as well as collecting large  scale debts.