Dublin Fire Crews experience busiest Halloween in years

Dublin Fire Crews experience busiest Halloween in years


DUBLIN Fire Brigade had one of their busiest Halloween in years yesterday as they dealt with over 1,100 calls and tackled 700 incidents and more than 350 bonfires and cars set alight.

As well as the fire callouts, there were also over 250 ambulances cases handheld by the DFB center.

“It was really, really busy, all day and all night,” a DFB spokesperson said.

The emergency service was expecting “between 800 and 900″ calls, so the 1,100 calls that did come in made for a particularly busy evening.

By comparison, DFB last year received 872 Halloween calls.

The Dublin Fire Brigade Twitter account released a live map of the volume of incidents in the area at different times throughout the night.


Thankfully there were no injuries amongst members of the fire crew last night, although DFB did say that a number of incidents required additional garda callouts, mainly in relation to underage drinking.