Dublin-NYC Portal back online with new restrictions to curb inappropriate behaviour

Dublin-NYC Portal back online with new restrictions to curb inappropriate behaviour

THE PORTAL connecting Dublin to New York via a livestream is back online, albeit with restrictions to curb any inappropriate behaviour.

The artwork went live on May 8 but the 24/7 stream was taken offline after less than a week following a series of incidents.

These included a woman in Dublin grinding against the sculpture and a woman in New York exposing her breasts to viewers in Dublin.

Meanwhile, video posted on social media captured someone on the Dublin side sharing pictures of New York's Twin Towers in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

However, despite someone jokingly leaving flowers and a death notice at the Dublin Portal this week, the project has today gone live again.

Flowers and a death notice left at the Dublin Portal this week (Image: Leah Farrell / RollingNews.ie)

Sadly, the Portal will no longer run 24/7, with the feed operating from 11am to 9pm in Dublin and from 6am to 4pm in New York.

Meanwhile, new technology will blur the stream if anyone gets too close to the sculpture or obstructs the camera, while new fencing has been installed in front of the New York Portal to complement existing on-site security.

"The Portal sculptures are not meant to be touched or stepped upon," read a statement from Dublin City Council.

"We have taken steps to limit instances of people stepping on the Portal and holding phones up to the camera lens.

"The Portals.org team has implemented a proximity-based solution.

"Now, if individuals step on the Portal and obstruct the camera, it will trigger a blurring of the livestream for everyone on both sides of the Atlantic.

"The team will continue making updates as needed to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the Portal."

Despite the negative incidents, the attraction has proved to be a success.

Located off O'Connell Street, Dublin City Council said it had attracted tens of thousands of visitors and garnered nearly 2billion online impressions.

The New York Portal meanwhile is located next to the city’s iconic Flatiron Building.


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