Dublin-NYC Portal project paused following inappropriate behaviour

Dublin-NYC Portal project paused following inappropriate behaviour

THE NEW Portal project connection Dublin and New York City via a 24/7 livestream has been temporarily halted following reports of inappropriate behaviour.

The artwork, which went live on Wednesday, May 8, was turned off on Monday following several incidents, including flashing and the sharing of sensitive images.

According to a Twitter post from the Portals team on Wednesday evening, both the Dublin and New York portals are currently out of action but 'will be back online soon'.

Positive impressions

A statement from Dublin City Council this week said the innovative project had received 'hundreds of millions of positive impressions' as well as global news coverage.

Not only had it boosted visitor numbers to the site of the sculpture off O'Connell Street, it had also witnessed family reunions and new friendships forged.

However, it has also prompted less wholesome interactions.

Videos shared on social media captured someone on the Dublin side sharing pictures of New York's Twin Towers in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Also on the Dublin side, a woman was seen grinding against the sculpture before being escorted away.

Visitors to the Dublin Portal on Wednesday are greeted with a message explaining the 24/7 feed is offline (Image: Leah Farrell / RollingNews.ie)

Meanwhile, another viral video captured a woman at the New York Portal — located next to the iconic Flatiron Building — exposing her breasts to viewers in Dublin.

"Unfortunately, we have also been witnessing a very small minority of people engaged in inappropriate behaviour, which has been amplified through social media," read a statement from Dublin City Council on Monday.

It revealed that it was implementing 'technical solutions' while the Portals team are 'improving the software', with work being carried out mostly at night.

"This will deliver a better experience for all participants and some surprises to keep the artwork engaging," it added.

Back soon

While the statement said the changes would be implemented in the following 24 hours, the Portals Twitter account revealed on Wednesday that the Dublin and New York Portals remained offline.

Two previously installed Portals in Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland, remain unaffected.

"Portal #3 NYC and Portal #4 Dublin will be back online soon! Portal #1 and #2 working as regular. End of the weather update," read the tweet.

Visitors to the Dublin Portal on Wednesday were greeted with a message reading: "Portal is asleep — back up soon."