Elderly dog 'Pringles' who was found in bin after being beaten by owners has died

Elderly dog 'Pringles' who was found in bin after being beaten by owners has died

*Warning distressing images*

AN ELDERLY Yorkshire Terrier who was discovered in a dustbin having suffered head injuries after allegedly being beaten by its owners has sadly died.

Pringles was found last week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after a passer-by heard whimpering sounds coming from a bin outside.

She was lying underneath a pile of rubbish, but was lifted out and a local animal care team were called and brought to the scene.

Pringles was then transported to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) for treatment and was listed in critical condition.

Pringles was found in a trash can

The PSPCA released a statement once Pringles was in their care.

"Our Shelter Hospital team is doing everything in their power to save the life of Pringles, who is in a very delicate state,” said Nicole Wilson Director of Humane Law Enforcement & Operations at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

"This dog had sustained serious injuries and instead of seeking help someone threw her away like she was a piece of trash. Thanks to a Good Samaritan who alerted authorities, we hope to give Pringles a second chance at the life she deserves."

A Facebook fundraising page was launched in order to raise money to help Pringles and in just over four days, over $3,000 was donated.

But sadly, on Monday, Pringles succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

The PSCA released another statement, announcing her death.

"It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share the news that our sweet Pringles passed away yesterday.

"While we are all shattered by this, we hope that we can all find comfort in the fact that she did not die in a trash can scared and alone, but instead was surrounded by love, the best medical treatment available, and the support of so many in the city of Philadelphia and far beyond.

"While Pringles is no longer with us, our fight to find justice for her continues. Pringles was discarded like a piece of trash but fought to be found despite her injuries. In the short time that we knew her, she captured the hearts of many and her fighting spirit encouraged us all that perhaps a miracle was possible and she would recover. That was not to be, and while today we mourn, we will keep fighting - for Pringles."