Eric Trump’s disastrous attempt at pulling a pint of Guinness goes viral

Eric Trump’s disastrous attempt at pulling a pint of Guinness goes viral

ERIC TRUMP’S surprise pub crawl around the bars of Doonbeg went down a storm with locals – but his pint pulling skills left a lot to be desired.

Eric and his brother Donald Jr proved a hit with locals during their single-night stay in the Irish town, buying drinks for pub patrons and posing for photos along the way.

However, the President’s 35-year-old son might want to leave the pint pulling to the professionals if his attempt at pouring a Guinness is anything to go by.

While Donald Jr did a serviceable enough job when it came to glasses of the black stuff, Eric’s attempt proved laughably bad.

And it wasn’t long before someone on Twitter spotted the younger Trump brother’s abject attempt.

Honestly, there was so much head on that pint of Guinness, he probably would have been better off putting a chocolate flake on top and selling it as an ice cream.

In any case, Twitter had a field day with the boozy results.

“Eric Trump's attempt at pulling a Guinness is enough to trigger an international incident,” one person wrote. “Release the hounds”.

“Eric trumps pint of Guinness is the worst ever,” a second concurred.

“All Eric Trump needed for the perfect 99 was a chocolate flake,” a third quipped.

Not everyone was convinced though.

“Eric Trump is a clown, but this isn't a poor pint,” one Twitter user claimed.

“It's simply impossible to pour a pint of Guinness which such a large head. The cream is stuck to the glass.

“This is quite likely a very tasty pint; and this is the hill upon which I am willing to die. KNOW YOUR PINTS.”

It may go down as the worst pint of Guinness ever pulled, but it proved to be the only minor failure in an otherwise successful trip to the Emerald Isle for the Trumps.

If you can forget the fact Donald Trump compared Ireland’s border issues with his plans to construct a wall between the US and Mexico, of course.