Gardaí launch public appeal to find owners of stolen dogs rescued in Tipperary

Gardaí launch public appeal to find owners of stolen dogs rescued in Tipperary

AN GARDA Síochána have launched a major appeal to find the owners of three dogs who are believed to have been stolen.

Ireland has experienced a spate of dognappings across the country in recent months, with many families hurting after having their beloved family member stolen from them.

While the sheer amount of dognappings seems to have fallen since the summer, Gardaí are continuing to conduct investigations into preventing the theft or illegal sale of dogs-- which has led to three lucky pups being rescued in Tipperary.

(Images: An Garda Síochána)

Gardaí in Clonmel yesterday released an urgent statement where they said they were attempting to trace the owners of three "suspected stolen" dogs after they were seized under suspicious circumstances on Saturday morning.

According to a statement,at around 8.30am local Gardaí witnessed three men putting the dogs in to the boot of a car and driving off at speed.

Gardaí pursued the vehicle and stopped it in the Ballyclerahan area of Clonmel, were they quizzed the men and searched the car.

According to officers, Gardaí were "not satisfied" that the men were the true owners of the three dogs, as they had no documentation for any of them.

The pups were seized and taken to a local veterinarian, but none of them had microchips which would have led to easy identification.

Gardaí have now launched a public appeal to trace the dogs' true owners: anyone who is missing a terrier or two Patterdales, or knows anyone who may be missing them, is urged to come forward.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Clonmel Garda Station on 052 617 7640.