Gardaí rescue neglected pony from industrial estate in Kilkenny

Gardaí rescue neglected pony from industrial estate in Kilkenny

MEMBERS OF An Garda Síochána are being praised by animal lovers for their rescue of a neglected pony in Kilkenny.

According to Gardaí, the pony was found in a "dishevelled" state in an industrial estate, with an improvised pen set up in such a way that the creature had no access to water or grass to feed on.

A concerned passerby contacted Gardaí and uniformed officers arrived at the scene to provide assistance.

The officers, with the assistance of the council and "some incredibly kind members of the public" were able to free the pony and give it water, which it drank gratefully.

(Garda Síochána Kilkenny/Carlow - Facebook)

Following the rescue, the pony was taken to safety and is now in the care of an animal charity.

Gardaí hope that in time a new, safe forever home will be found for the animal, and while the original owners have not been found, Gardaí have said they are "unlikely to come forward- and even less likely to get him back."

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Posting about the rescue on the division's official Facebook page, the Gardaí thanked everyone involved in the rescue, from the passerby who raised the alarm, to the council and the kind-hearted members of the public.

With a spate of neglect and abuse stories cropping up around Ireland, with some horses sadly too far gone to recover, it's always good to hear a story with a happy ending, and the Gardaí were praised for their rescue efforts by animal lovers across the country.

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Ireland's Party For Animal Welfare, the premier political party focusing on animal rights, wrote that it was "heartening to see reports of animal cruelty being responded to more [vigorously].

"Well done Gardaí and members of the public."

One woman, responding to the original post, wrote "Thank you for getting that poor horse to safety.

"Maybe its the start of more rescues. People have become a lot more vigilant."