Not a leprechaun in sight! Gold discovered in Ireland

Not a leprechaun in sight! Gold discovered in Ireland

MAYBE THERE’S something to the myths after all?

Most – if not all—Irish people will roll their eyes and scoff if you ask if there are Leprechauns in Ireland.

In fact, the only time Irish people tend to see images of leprechauns is on St Patrick’s Day like the rest of the world. Or on the box of the American cereal Lucky Charms (Which you can only buy in special American-style candy shops here, because Irish people tend to prefer cereal that tastes like cardboard rather than literal marshmallows first thing in the morning).

But it seems there’s going to be a lot more leprechaun talk in Ireland—no matter how tongue-in-cheek it is—due to the discovery of gold in County Cavan.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources drilled two holes in the Cavan countryside and quite literally struck gold with the discovery of the precious mineral in the bedrock 95 metres down below.

The business is excited by the discovery, saying it provides a “solid starting point” for a more wide-ranging exploration.

Gold in the US is currently worth an estimated $1,500, sparking delight amongst gold-miners in Ireland at the thought of hidden wealth buried deep underground.

The exploration for more gold will involve science, maths and specialised equipment—but we’re willing to bet there will be more than a few people taking their chances by trekking towards the end of the rainbow.