Group of 10 friends hit with Covid fines after meeting up for ‘egg throwing’ in Wexford

Group of 10 friends hit with Covid fines after meeting up for ‘egg throwing’ in Wexford

GARDAI HAVE dished out fines to a group of 10 friends in Ireland who broke lockdown restrictions to meet up for a spot of “egg throwing”. 

Officers patrolling in Ferns came across the group just as they were preparing to do battle. 

It subsequently emerged that they had each contravened the 5km limit on non-essential travel to meet. 

Under the current Irish government restrictions all non-essential travel is prohibited. 

They can, however, travel up to 5km from their home in order for exercise or other fitness activity. 


In this instance, “egg throwing” was not deemed an essential purpose. 

As a result, all ten of those gathered were hit with fixed charge penalty notices. 

The spokesperson said: "Gardaí on duty in Ferns last Friday night disrupted a group (not from Ferns) who had organised a meet up for 'egg throwing'. In total 10 Fixed Charge Penalty Notices (FCPN) were issued for COVID-19 breaches. 

"Please only travel for essential purposes. Egg throwing is not one of them. Let's ALL work together to protect everyone against Covid-19." 

Essential travel in Ireland can include travelling for work, when working from home is not an option, or to access education and childcare services. 

Care providers, agricultural workers, and anyone attending a medical or dental appointment is also exempt from the restrictions. 

Anyone attending a wedding, funeral or court appointment can also travel under the rules. 


However, egg throwing is definitely not exempt. 

The current Level 5 lockdown restrictions are due to remain in place until March 5. 

At that point, the Irish government will review Covid-19 case levels to determine whether the rules can be eased.