Highest number of Covid-19 patients in Irish hospitals since May

Highest number of Covid-19 patients in Irish hospitals since May

THERE are currently almost 350 people in hospital with Covid-19 across the country, the highest number since May.

According to HSE figures, 349 patients are currently being treated for coronavirus, 38 of which are in intensive care.

The news comes amid fears that Ireland's health system may be put under increasing pressure if the number of patients continues to rise.

In Northern Ireland, there are reportedly just nine intensive care beds left free at the moment.

Hospital admissions in the Republic have risen to heights that were last seen at the apex of the pandemic back in the Spring, and while death rates have significantly slowed, the rise in hospitalisations is cause for concern.


On Monday, 939 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed around the country, while three more deaths were reported.

Of the new cases, 444 are men, and 483 are women.

66% of the new cases are people under the age of 45.

There are currently 30 Covid-19 patients in Cork University Hospital, 27 in Cavan and 26 in Tallaght University Hospital.

Ireland is now five days into its second full lockdown, with Level Five restrictions taking effect on Thursday last week.

The strict measures are currently in place across the entire country for six weeks with the hope of easing lockdown by the end of November.

There will be a review of the situation in three weeks' time, at which point restrictions could be extended, eased, or lifted altogether.