Horror as charity rescues dog 'savagely beaten by group of youths' in Limerick

Horror as charity rescues dog 'savagely beaten by group of youths' in Limerick

THERE HAS been an outpouring of horror and fury after an animal charity shared the story of a little dog they had rescued from a suburb in Limerick.

Limerick Animal Welfare, a local animal charity which often shares both sad and uplifting stories of the animals they take into their care, shocked followers with the story of  gorgeous little dog who had been viciously attacked by a gang of youths.

The dog, who the charity have named Emma, was rescued from an estate near the city centre after Gardaí received reports of the pup being brutally attacked.

Gardaí attended the scene and seized the seriously injured dog before taking her to the care of Limerick Animal Welfare, who were horrified at the condition she was in.

Image may contain: dog and indoor Emma was rescued and is now safe in the hands of Limerick Animal Welfare, but has a long road to recovery. (LAW)

Taking to Facebook, LAW shared her story with an appeal for funding to get Emma the help she needs.

"This poor little dog was savagely beaten by a group of youths in a suburb of Limerick city," they wrote.

"She was rescued by guards, but has a badly broken jaw and cuts and bruises all over her tiny body.

"She is having surgery today and will have to be tube fed over the next few days."

The charity promised to keep followers updated on little Emma.

Horrified donors have so far raised over €9,000 for her care, with many comments thanking LAW for their work but despairing over the mindless cruelty the pup had endured.

One woman, Sórcha Mullins, wrote "People who treat defenceless little animals like this don't deserve to be called human.

"Thank you LAW for looking after Emma through this traumatic time for her and hopefully she'll come out the other side of it.

"For those who inflicted this pain, may no luck ever come to you".

To read more about the work Limerick Animal Welfare do, or to donate to help with Emma and the other animals' care, you can visit the Facebook page here.