Ireland to bask in sunshine and warm weather this week

Ireland to bask in sunshine and warm weather this week

IRELAND IS to enjoy some very good weather this week as the country finally pulls out of what seemed like a never-ending winter.

Today and tomorrow, temperatures across the Emerald Isle are set to reach up to 18 degrees, with clouds clearing and bright sunshine predicted for much of the country.

Ireland's national meteorological service Met Eireann shared the good news that rain would be clearing across much of the country today, with some drizzle confined only to Atlantic coastal counties and sunny spells developing elsewhere, particularly in the east.

Temperatures today will reach between 14 to 17 degrees, but fresh winds means it might not exactly be perfect weather for sunbathing.

Tomorrow however, the day will feel very mild almost everywhere, with strong sunshine beating down on the country, but some northwest coastal areas will still see some cloud cover.

Highest temperatures will reach between 15 to 18 degrees, with clear, sunny skies and little winds apart from northwestern counties which will experience light to moderate winds.

Under current restrictions, people are asked not to leave their homes apart for exercise and essential journeys such as for work and food shopping.

But for those with balconies and gardens, it looks set to be the first day of the year where you can relax outside with your family members or housemates without having to don a winter coat.

Temperatures will drop later in the week, Met Eireann has predicted, so it's recommended that people make the most of it while it lasts.