Irish artist pays powerful tribute to George Floyd with stunning mural on Tallaght estate

Irish artist pays powerful tribute to George Floyd with stunning mural on Tallaght estate

AN IRISH artist has paid a powerful tribute to George Floyd with a stunning mural depicting the 46-year-old, whose death has sparked demonstrations across the US. 

Emmalene Blake from Kingswood in Tallaght, has been lifting spirits throughout lockdown with a series of touching murals created to raise spirits among local residents. 

Her work has been so well received, in fact, neighbours even began raising funds to pay for the paint required to create these striking works of art. 

Centred around the theme of social distancing, previous murals have featured famous figures like Dua Lipa, The Police and Cardi B alongside lighthearted takes on the issues around lockdown. 

However, Blake’s latest effort strikes a considerably more sombre tone. 

A simple black and white image of Mr. Floyd, the mural features the words “HIS NAME WAS GEORGE FLOYD” in red block capitals. 

Writing alongside the piece, Blake said: "Teach kids about racism and privilege. 

"Teach them to recognise their privilege - white, class, straight, cis, male privilege and teach them to be allies. 

"Teach them to always stand up to racism and discrimination. Teach them to do better than the generations that came before them." 

Mr. Floyd, an African-American man, died just over a week ago while in police custody. 

Police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on his neck for several minutes. 

Within an hour of the incident, Mr. Floyd had died. 

Mr Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and is due in court today. 

Three other officers present at the scene were fired but have yet to be charged over the incident. 

The 46-year-old's death has sparked violent scenes across a number of major US cities where strict curfews now in place after six days of unrest. 

Peaceful demonstrations have been held in Dublin over the past few days, with protestors eager to show solidarity with those in the US.