Irish boy, 9, finds one of world's deadliest snakes in his garden in Offaly

Irish boy, 9, finds one of world's deadliest snakes in his garden in Offaly

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy in County Offaly made a terrifying discovery in his back garden over the weekend when he found one of the world's most deadliest snakes.

The reptile, a saw-scaled viper, is one of the most venomous, deadly and aggressive snakes in the world, and is usually found in desert regions in Iran-- Fionn Kilmurray's discovery is the first time the viper has been found in Ireland.

His mother, Aoife, told RTÉ News that Fionn was acting "cool as a cucumber" when he came into the house and told her he had found a snake in their back garden-- neither of them aware that the saw-scaled viper is responsible for more global deaths each year than any other species.

Shocked at the discovery, Aoife called the National Reptile Zoo to ask what they should do and was told to "put a box over it until they arrived" and admitted she was glad they didn't know how dangerous it was until an expert from the zoo arrived.

James Hennessy, Director of the National Reptile Zoo, said he believes the saw-scaled viper came in to the country in a consignment of stone from India, and the incident highlights the need for stricter monitoring of cargo from abroad.

For now, the deadly viper is staying at the National Reptile Zoo in Kilkenny, but is expected to be moved to a research centre in the UK which conducts research in anti-venom.

As for nine-year-old Fionn  Killmurray, he thinks the snake is "just brilliant" and can't wait to tell his friends at school about the incredible d-hiss-covery.