Tourist explains why no trip to Ireland would be complete without an Irish breakfast

Tourist explains why no trip to Ireland would be complete without an Irish breakfast

THE FULL Irish breakfast has been a staple of the Emerald Isle for as long as time itself.

The best way to start any day exploring all Ireland has to offer, there will be plenty of visitors put off by the idea of wolfing down fried eggs, bacon et al before a busy day of sightseeing.

But, in doing so, they would be missing out on an Irish delicacy – and that’s not just the Irish Post telling you that either.

French tourist Marie Desevedavy recently spoke to the Irish Mirror about her experience of a full Irish breakfast – and it’s an account well worth revisiting.

Taking in Ireland as part of a trip to Dublin, Desevedavy decided to take in the famed Irish fry-up and the results did not disappoint.

Visiting a restaurant close to the St Stephen's Green in Dublin, she decided to sample an Irish breakfast alongside a cup of hot chocolate.

While her drink of choice may have been questionable – everyone knows the only accompaniment to a good Irish breakfast is a cup of tea or, at a stretch a coffee – the food presented to her did not disappoint.

“My dish comprised of double baked eggs, brown soda bread, bacon, sausages and roast tomatoes,” Desevedavy told the Irish Mirror.

It was a vivid picture full of delicious sounding descriptions which only improved once the food actually arrived at her table.

“Three thick slices of brown bread and butter were arranged on the left, while, on the other side of the board, an oven dish was filled with the baked eggs, covered by bacon and sausages.

“It seemed really tasty and smelled good.”

While Desevedavy initially felt she would “still be starving” after eating the breakfast in front of her, ultimately, she had to push herself “to eat everything and not waste any food.”

“When I finished eating, I was full like never before, being unused to the salty fried food,” she reflected in her conclusion.

“It was really good, and I strongly recommend to have an Irish breakfast, once,” Desevedavy

“But I do not think I can have one every day, even every week or every month.”

One Irish breakfast a week? Sounds sensible to us.

You can take a look at Desevedavy’s full account of her experience here.