Irish far-right National Party leader doused with milkshake during event in Galway

Irish far-right National Party leader doused with milkshake during event in Galway

A FAR-RIGHT political leader has had a milkshake thrown over him while campaigning with his party in Eyre Square in Galway city.

Justin Barrett, along with other members of Ireland's National Party, were in Galway's city centre holding an 'Ireland belongs to the Irish' banner when approximately 30 counter-protesters arrived at the scene.

Members of the party dispersed after a milkshake was thrown at Mr Barrett, who is the leader of the National Party.

The National Party opposes immigration and abortion rights and seeks to reform the Irish criminal justice system and introduce the death penalty to Ireland.

While Mr Barrett has previously called for Ireland to be a 'Catholic Republic', the National Party promotes itself as a secular party campaigning, among other things, for a United Ireland.

The Tipperary man is the latest in a line of far-right figures to be 'milkshaked'-- Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage received the same treatment during a rally in Newcastle, England in May.

Justin Barrett has previously appeared to claim that he would strip citizenship from opposition party member Hazel Chu, a member of the Green Party who was born in Ireland to Hong Kong parents, if his party got into power.

He stated: "She is an Irish citizen, I accept that, that is the law until we get the law in our own hands".

Mr Barrett has previously spoken at events organised by German ultranationalist neo-nazi party National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) and in the early 2000's was the guest of honour at the party's rally in Passau, which involved speeches quoting Adolf Hitler and a standing ovation for former Nazi soldiers. He has stated he does not share the views of these neo-nazi parties and attended only in the capacity of being a pro-life campaigner.

Mr Barrett has implied that he intends to take legal action against the person who threw the milkshake.