Irish government expected to announce public restrictions for parks, beaches and other open spaces

Irish government expected to announce public restrictions for parks, beaches and other open spaces

THE government is expected to announce a number of new measures in a bid to tackle the spread of Covid-19 today.

It's understood that restrictions on open spaces, including public parks and beaches, could be put in place as the government looks to limit public interaction where possible.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) are meeting this morning to discuss the possibility of introducing new measures.

It's thought that stricter measures will be announced this morning to prevent the public from gathering in open spaces, particularly after crowds were spotted in parks and on beaches over the weekend.

Restrictions on non-essential travel are also expected to be implemented, with the public encouraged to remain in their homes unless it's absolutely necessary to leave.

This follows on from the announcement on Monday evening that the UK will officially be going into lockdown, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning citizens that the police will be on hand to enforce public distancing measures if need be.


As of yet though, it isn't thought that Ireland will be following suit with such a lockdown.

According to a spokesperson, the government has asked an expert team to consider its latest advice regarding public interaction.

While they're currently in the belief that good progress has been made with regard to contact tracing, and that public compliance with physical distance has, thus far, generally been good, it was acknowledged yesterday that in some cases "there clearly is a need to reinforce the message of maintaining an adequate distance, especially for public places", said the spokesperson.

Cabinet will also consider new legislation related to the Covid-19 emergency, including changes to social welfare payments. The Dáil is due back on Thursday to debate and pass emergency coronavirus relating to the financial package, public health measures, and new rental laws.