Irish MEP reprimanded for calling politician a 'Gobsh**e' in European Parliament

Irish MEP reprimanded for calling politician a 'Gobsh**e' in European Parliament

AN IRISH MEP has been reprimanded for his use of some fairly unparliamentary language during a sitting of the European Parliament.

MEP for Ireland South, Mick Wallace, made the comment in reference to Venezuela's Juan Guaidó, a man who is challenging current president Nicolas Maduro in an attempt to take over.

While many EU member states, including Ireland, support Mr Guaidó's claim to power, Mr Wallace voiced his opposition to the recognition, calling him "an unelected gobshite".

During the sitting, Mr Wallace asked the room:

"Do you not agree that the recognition of Guaidó is an absolute embarrassment to anyone that has to occupy this chamber, and is a disgrace on the part of the member states of Europe that so many of them have recognised an unelected gobshite?"

He was immediately reprimanded, as a translation in his earpiece stated:

"Now, you did use the word 'gobshite', sir. And I would reprimand you over that."

Mr Wallace took to Twitter where he doubled down on his comments, saying "It was outrageous for the #EU to recognise #Guaido as President of #Venezuela.

"He is "an unelected Gobshite"."

Mr Wallace also shared a video of the moment, followed by a dictionary excerpt of what the word 'gobshite' actually meaans-- namely, 'a stupid and incompetent person'.

Last week, a satirical article went viral for claiming that the working language of the EU would be switched from British English to Irish English following the UK's exit from the European Union.

Thousands of people were duped into believing the article was real, and now, with 'Gobshite' being used and translated into dozens of different languages by translators during the sitting of the EU Parliament, we're wondering if it was actually satire after all.