Irish pensioner is mugged and has wedding ring stolen by gang of teens in Cork

Irish pensioner is mugged and has wedding ring stolen by gang of teens in Cork

A CORK community is in uproar following the news that a local pensioner was mugged by a gang of teenagers and had his wallet and his wedding ring stolen.

The man, in his 60s, was on his way back from the shops when he was attacked by a gang of up to five teenagers in Mount Oval around 9pm, according to the Cork Beo.

No arrests as of yet have been made in relation to the mugging though investigations are ongoing.

The incident is reportedly one of a number like it that have occurred in the area recently, and it's forced the community to come together for a meeting where Gardai, local councillors and business owners will be in attendance.

Local Councillor Deirdre Forde said: "It's a worrying time, people are having to be more vigilant as a result of what's happening.

"Usually these people come from outside the area and are very calculated and know what they are doing, they're quite organised.

"As soon as I saw news of the incidents in Mount Oval I got onto the Gardai because there was a lot of anxiety in the area and I know people have had enough.

"The Gardai are aware of the incidents and are committed to tackling the problems and catching those involved.

"At the meeting tonight there will hopefully be a Community Garda and locals are going to say what they want and the Gardai have said they are committed to following up on this.

"We should have a zero tolerance for this kind of anti-social behaviour, I don't mean young people acting the maggot, but these repeat offenders causing trouble.

"I do think parents have to take greater responsibility but you can't beat community gardai on the ground, all people want is to feel safe in their homes."