Jail for man who threw baby out of second-storey window after trying to gouge infant’s eyes out

Jail for man who threw baby out of second-storey window after trying to gouge infant’s eyes out

A MAN has been jailed after almost killing a baby by throwing him out of a second-storey window.

Sean Ziemelis, 31, had also tried to strangle the baby and gouge the seven-month-old’s eyes out before throwing him from the flat.

Ziemelis, of Reginald Street, Luton, was sentenced to life with a minimum of 12 years after pleading guilty to attempted murder, two counts of actual bodily harm and one count of assault by beating.

On August 1, 2017, at around 2am, Bedforshire Police received reports of a disturbance in Reginald Street, including reports that a baby had been thrown out of a window.

The court heard how Ziemelis, who had taken cannabis the previous night, had attempted to gouge the baby’s eyes out and tried to strangle him before throwing him from a second-storey window.

A crowd had gathered outside the flat during the disturbance and a member of the public managed to catch the baby by his legs as he fell, saving his life, despite Ziemelis throwing the baby away from the crowd.

He then threw the baby’s mother out of the window, however she received only minor injuries after her fall was broken by bins placed below by the onlookers.

Ziemelis also struck the baby’s grandmother until she fell unconscious.


Detective Constable Louise Granger, who investigated the case, said: “This is one of the most shocking incidents that I have seen in the whole of my career, and incredibly traumatic for all those involved.

“Ziemelis is clearly a very dangerous individual and I’m glad that he has received such a severe sentence which reflects his horrendous actions from that evening.

“It is only thanks to the actions of a member of the public that the baby is still alive today.”

Ziemelis will be treated under the Mental Health Act at Brockfield House before returning to prison.