Job opportunities entice US & Canadians to do their Postgrad studies in Ireland

Job opportunities entice US & Canadians to do their Postgrad studies in Ireland

WHEN IT COMES TO CHOOSING A UNIVERSITY FOR A POSTGRADUATE DEGREE, students normally prioritize two things: education quality and opportunities for hands-on experience.

So where better to look than a country whose universities are ranked in the top 5% globally and whose students are actively encouraged to take on internships, research projects and employment during and immediately after graduation.

That country is Ireland. Surprised? Don’t be.
Ireland has produced one of the brightest and best-educated populations in the world, and it consistently punches above its weight when it comes to creativity and innovation.

But how does a prospective student living halfway around the world tap into the best study opportunities in Ireland?
While there’s plenty of information available online, it can often be overwhelming to know where to begin. So to make it easier for students and young adults seeking a top postgraduate degree program, the government of Ireland is running an exclusive online event dedicated to Americans and Canadians looking for Postgraduate study opportunities.

Study in Ireland Virtual Postgraduate Fair - USA and Canada Study in Ireland Virtual Postgraduate Fair for Canada and USA
Sat November 13, 2021
10am-2pm PDT, 11am-3pm (MDT) 1pm-5pm (EDT)

This is a free, one-time-only online event from the official Education in Ireland Government. Held during a four hour window, North Americans will be able to login to a customized virtual event space to speak directly with Irish universities and government reps in private chats, video or audio calls.
In addition, participants can browse through a tailored information hub to learn more about Ireland’s internationally acclaimed programs, watch videos and download materials from highly ranked institutions. The event also includes an interactive seminar program led by expert speakers, current students and alumni. CLICK HERE

Working in Ireland gives North Americans an extra edge

With so much competition in today’s job market, students are looking for an educational experience which will not only help them stand out with future employers, but also provide them with a network to turn to for advice, contacts, and a heads up on job openings,” says Sara Dart, Senior Vice President at Education in Ireland. “For an American or Canadian to have studied in Ireland, they’ll have a completely different perspective to offer future employers plus a global network to lean on. Those kinds of advantages produce a lifetime of returns.”

Given the importance of gaining work experience while studying, Ireland has flexible policies that allow foreign students to dive into the world of work. Full time students can work up to 20 hours per week and upon graduation, Americans and Canadians can work full time in Ireland for two years thanks to the country’s generous “stay back visa” option.

Canadian Students IT Carlow Canadian Students in Ireland on Postgrad courses

Ireland is rife with opportunities for postdoc research, networking and employment. Known as the "Silicon Valley of Europe", Ireland is home to over 1,000 multinational companies including some of the biggest brands in the world such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pfizer, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, and Accenture – to name but a few.

With easy access to European business communities and research hubs, postgraduates have a seemingly endless list of possibilities to launch their careers on a global stage.

Study in Ireland Postgraduate Virtual Fair

A unique chance for Americans and Canadians to meet in private with Irish institutions

In addition to its reputation for cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial ambition, Ireland is also famous for its inclusive, warm welcome, which its institutions are eager to demonstrate at the upcoming Study in Ireland Virtual Postgraduate Fair.
During the event, Americans and Canadians will experience this friendly culture through private conversations with representatives from universities, colleges and the Irish government. They can use this time to get instant advice and ask any question about the application process, research opportunities, work experience, and what it’s like to live in Ireland.

The list of exhibiting institutions includes world-class universities and colleges offering postgraduate programs in technology, economics, engineering, science, entertainment, the arts and much more.

Visit Here for more on Study in Ireland Postgraduate Virtual Fair

Live seminars exploring the many benefits of a earning an Irish postgraduate degree
The Study in Ireland Virtual Postgraduate Fair includes a live seminar program to help participants understand how each university provides an award-winning education and connects students with companies or research opportunities.

Seminar topics give attendees a chance to:
● Hear directly from North American students who are currently living in Ireland as they share stories of daily campus life.
● Learn how working in Ireland gives postgrads an advantage through insider links to cutting edge industry players.
● Understand how to finance a postgrad degree and budget for tuition, accommodation, insurance and travel.
● Meet alumni from North America who share their experiences of how their postgrad degree has turbocharged their careers.

Participation in the Study in Ireland Virtual Fair is free of charge but students must register in advance online and places are limited – sign up here!

Postgrad Study opportunities in Ireland Postgrad Study opportunities in Ireland