Kenyan 'rapper priest' suspended by Catholic Church

Kenyan 'rapper priest' suspended by Catholic Church

A KENYAN priest who raps during his sermons has been suspended from leading mass for a year by the Catholic Church.

His suspension means he cannot be the main priest during public mass or administer Holy Communion, but is allowed to lead private mass.

Father Paul Ogallo of the Homa Bay Diocese in western Kenya,would change from his priest's robes into his rapper's outfit of a T-shirt and bandana after mass, and 'spit some bars' for local church-goers.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Fr Ogallo said: "Young people call me 'Sweet Paul' because I rap sweet".

He also said that he adopted his unconventional style because he wanted young people to be entertained safely at the church, instead of at unsafe venues.


An incident in 2004 when three young people were trampled to death at a music event in Nairobi was the trigger for his new persona, he added.

However, last month, "Sweet Paul" was suspended from carrying out his priestly duties and has been told he has a year to think about the seriousness of life as a clergyman.

According to Bishop Philip Anyolo of the same diocese: "The sacred and the secular could not mix."

But the bishop insisted Father Ogallo could use rap and drama to preach to young people - just not on the altar.

Father Ogallo has not yet commented on his suspension.

Here's some footage of "Sweet Paul" in action.