Krispy Kreme launch limited edition new flavours for Valentine's Day

Krispy Kreme launch limited edition new flavours for Valentine's Day

KRISPY KREME are launching three brand-new limited-edition flavours for you and that special someone to share this Valentine's Day.

Mind you, I assume the singletons out there are welcome to enjoy them just as much as everyone else, especially once you take a look at the little beauties.

Available since Monday - three new lovely doughnuts have hit the stands: The Nutella infused 'Nutty Chocolatta Heart', the indulgent 'Dark Chocolate Mint Heart' and the heavenly 'White Chocolate Berry Heart'.

Nutty Chocolate Heart

White Chocolate Berry Heart

And to complete the lovely lineup, the Smiley Heart is making its grand return.

As well as that, Krispy Kreme is turning its entire signature doughnut range into Valentines-themed offerings 'Hugs & Hearts' on February 13 and 14.

The doughnut company insist though that Valentine's Day isn't just for loved-up couples, and stress that 'loving yourself' is as important as sharing your love with someone else.

Dark Chocolate Mint Heart

"At Krispy Kreme, we believe that it's important to love yourself before you share your love with anyone else," they said in statement.

"So this Valentine's Day, we are encouraging all of our customers to practice self-love and follow their heart's desire by gifting themselves with one of our heart-shaped doughnuts - because let's face it, no one really wants to share their Krispy Kreme doughnut!"

Let's all heed their words, shall we? After all, if loved ones are getting boxes of doughnuts, I'm gonna love myself like there's no tomorrow!

Smiley Heart