'Legend' dad whose flight was delayed due to missing pilot flies plane to Alicante himself

'Legend' dad whose flight was delayed due to missing pilot flies plane to Alicante himself

A MAN has been hailed as a legend for saving the holidays of hundreds of EasyJet passengers—and the best thing is, this hero can actually fly.

Usually, when a story about a flight makes the news it’s because someone was accused of being abusive, racist or had to be escorted off the plane.

Then you’ve got your weird smells stories, your gross passenger stories—like the man sitting next to you taking off his shoes and socks and beginning to clip his toenails. Flight crew confusing passengers, airlines refusing to accommodate for disabilities…

Basically, whenever a plane is in the news it's never good-- which makes this story unusual for a lot of reasons.

It begins the same as most news stories regarding planes: a flight delayed by two hours; no sign of the pilot; passengers getting frustrated.

And then in steps a hero.

A qualified EasyJet pilot was on the Manchester flight with his wife and young son, and rather than delay their holiday to Alicante, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Michael Bradley stepped up and announced over the intercom that he would be flying the plane himself: he had his ID and license with him and had called EasyJet to tell them he was willing to take the flight to Alicante himself.

The company called him back immediately and gave him the go-ahead.

One passenger, Michelle Hannah Potts, captured the moment Mr Bradley saved the day, as he spoke over the intercom already in holiday mode, dressed in shorts and a casual shirt—a far cry from the suits and captain’s hats usually found on pilots.

Mr Bradley said:

‘I phoned up EasyJet and said ‘Hiya, I’m standing in the terminal doing nothing.

I have got my ID with me and I’d very much like to go on holiday and if you need a favour I’m standing here ready to go.’

‘Thirty eight seconds later they phoned me back and said ‘please, please pretty please with a big cherry on top, can you fly the aeroplane to Alicante’?

‘So if you’re alright for one of your pilots to look like this today, we’ll go to Alicante”

Passengers laughed along as Mr Bradley told his story, and cheers and claps followed as he confirmed he would be taking them to their destination.

Not all heroes can fly, but this one certainly can.