Leo Varadkar suffers massive drop in popularity in newest election opinion poll

Leo Varadkar suffers massive drop in popularity in newest election opinion poll

THE MOST recent opinion poll aiming to reflect the intentions of voters ahead of Ireland's General Election on February 8 has revealed a worrying trend for the current government.

The poll, which was undertaken by The Irish Times in partnership with global market and opinion research specialist company Ipsos MRBI, shows a six point drop for the incumbent Fine Gael.

Of the 1,200 voters in 120 locations surveyed for the poll, 25% said they intended to vote for Fianna Fáil (unchanged), 23% for Fine Gael (down 6) and 21% for Sinn Féin (up 7).

Labour were down one point at 5% and the Green Party held it's 8% share, with 18% of voters opting for Independents and smaller parties.

Fine Gael can take solace in the fact that this poll, which has a margin of error of 2.8%, is a slight improvement on the recent Sunday Times opinion poll which indicated that 32% would vote for Fianna Fáil against 20% of people who would vote for Fine Gael.

(Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI poll)

When asked about their satisfaction with the government and party leaders for the Irish Times poll, only 27% of people indicated satisfaction with the current government.

Leo Varadkar, meanwhile, suffered significant losses-- from 51% in the last poll in October to 35%.

All of the main party leaders suffered losses in the satisfaction poll, with the exception of Mary Lou McDonald, whose satisfaction rating rose 4 points to 34%.

(Irish Times/ Ipsos MRBI poll)

There are 19 days remaining until the General Election takes place.

Much of Irish media are focusing on a head-to-head between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, but with the incumbent government continuing to drop in popularity and the third-biggest political party, Sinn Féin, continuing to rise, there could be massive changes by the time voting takes place.