Manchester brothers who smuggled heroin into Ireland are jailed over drug supply operation

Manchester brothers who smuggled heroin into Ireland are jailed over drug supply operation

TWO brothers who were involved in smuggling heroin into Ireland have bene jailed for their roles in an operation supplying drugs across Greater Manchester.

John Rains, 37, of Huddersfield Road, Oldham and Daniel Rains, 39, of Manesty Close, Middleton, were sentenced to a combined total of 20 years on Friday.

John Rains pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs (heroin and cocaine), two counts of conspiracy to produce Class B drugs (ketamine and amphetamine) and two counts of conspiracy to supply Class B drugs (ketamine and cannabis).

Cocaine seized by investigators (Image: GMP)

He received a 14-year sentence.

Daniel Rains was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs (heroin) and two counts of conspiracy to produce Class B drugs (ketamine and amphetamine).

A spokesperson for GMP said the brothers were also involved in importing drugs hidden in meat from mainland Europe into England and then onto Ireland.

Encrochat deals

John Rains was involved in conspiracies to supply 8kg of heroin worth £112,000 and 6.5kg of cocaine estimated to be worth £273,000, with discussions for him to supply a further 25kg of cocaine weekly, estimated at £1,050,000 wholesale per week.

In total, it is documented the brothers conspired to produce over 100kg of ketamine in a week, valued at £750,000, with the total value of intended ketamine production worth £2,932,500.

The brothers used Encrochat encrypted mobile phones to organise the delivery and regional wholesale supply of drugs to their homes.

Ketamine seized by police (Image: GMP)

The drugs were supplied to John Rains at wholesale prices from several other encrypted handles and he then offered the drugs out for sale to other handles.

The purchase and collection of these amounts were arranged via the encrypted messaging, with payment to be made at a future date.

Once the brothers' devices were seized, officers discovered pictures of a very large block of cocaine being weighed on distinctive scales, identical to a set found at John Rains' home.

A search of the property in March 2022 also uncovered drugs, drug phones, debtors' lists, cash, a cash counter, designer wear and expensive watches.

'Substantial profit'

"The brothers made plans to supply more than £3m more in cocaine and ketamine, however our officers managed to infiltrate their communications and used their words against them," said Detective Constable Brown, of GMP's Operation Challenger Organised Crime Team.

"John Rains had trusted drivers which he used to facilitate this supply and movement of drugs and cash.

"He was also involved in controlling the importation of heroin with his brother that they were involved with for eight years, with the drugs hidden in meat, using a route through Germany, Netherlands, England then onto Ireland.

"John Rains had a group of trusted customers to whom he supplied drugs to in multiple kilo amounts.

"Once these kilogram amounts were moved on down the supply chain, the cash proceeds were collected and dropped off for Rains to pay his suppliers and also to make substantial profit for himself."

DC Brown said Daniel rains also used his brother's encrophone and had a significant role within the gang, being involved in the manufacture of both ketamine and amphetamines.