A new shop has opened in London for anyone missing things like Barry’s Tea or Tayto Crisps

A new shop has opened in London for anyone missing things like Barry’s Tea or Tayto Crisps

FEW THINGS conjure up memories of home quite like food and drink.

Whether it’s a bag of crisps, your mam’s way of making a brew or just that fizzy pop you used to get from down the corner shop, some things are just unmistakably Irish.

And when you are hundreds of miles from home and far away from your nearest and dearest, it’s these little things that can help you get through the tough times.

Living the dream in somewhere like London, for instance, is all well and good but sometimes it’s those home comforts that you really miss.

Thankfully help is at hand for anyone making a go of things in the English capital, after the London Irish Centre Charity opened a new shop selling all those old favourites.


The London Irish Centre Charity provides crucial support to the capital's Irish expat community, combating issues around poverty while celebrating Ireland's unique heritage and culture.

Whether it’s a bag of Tayto crisps (because everyone knows Walkers just aren’t the same) or Boland’s Jam Mallows, help is finally at hand.

The shop has proven a hit with those Irish based in London, including none other than Laura Whitmore, who took to social media to show her appreciation for the work of the London Irish Centre.

An organisation that has worked tirelessly to help the Irish over in the English capital, the shop has proven so popular, they’ve even been able to put together a list of the 10 most popular products sold through the shop.

It offers up plenty of surprises too with Cadbury’s Tiffin the most popular pick from the shop’s stocks, with Tayto cheese and onion crisps also among the top three most sought-after products.