Nigel Farage: “Ireland will leave the European Union too”

Nigel Farage: “Ireland will leave the European Union too”

NIGEL FARAGE has sensationally predicted Ireland will follow the UK by eventually leaving the European Union.

The former UKIP leader expressed his belief ‘Irexit’ will happen during an appearance on Claire Byrne Live in Ireland on Monday night, January 28th.

Speaking via video link, Farage, who played a key role in the victorious 2016 Leave campaign, was asked to give his opinion on the likely impact of Brexit on Ireland.

“Did you or do you care?” Byrne asked Farage at one point, prompting a surprising response from the Brexiteer.

"Oh I do, and I think ultimately Ireland will leave the European Union too," he replied.

Even when Byrne responded with polling figures indicating 88% of the Irish public preferred to remain in the EU, Farage was undaunted.

Citing Ireland’s initial rejection of the Lisbon treaty, he continued to push the idea Irexit is not a case of if but when.

"Just as you were all going to vote for the Lisbon Treaty but in the end you didn't, you voted against the Lisbon Treaty, you were forced to vote again," he said.

Byrne countered these claims once again though, stating that the Irish public voted again after receiving assurances it would retain sovereignty on issues like corporation tax.

Farage was undaunted though, reflecting that all of the debate was “meaningless anyway” as he feels the EU will cease to exist in the not-too-distant future.