A Nutella-themed hotel has opened - and we presume you're as excited as we are

A Nutella-themed hotel has opened - and we presume you're as excited as we are

TALK about 'sweet dreams'.

So there's a Nutella-themed hotel now and I think you'll agree it needs everybody's attention.

Ferrero, the company that owns Nutella, announced the opening of the pop-up hotel in California's Napa Valley, and it looks like something out of a Roald Dahl book.

It's called Hotella Nutella (what else?), and as the scrumptious name suggests, the entire place is plastered with Nutella-inspired decor.

Credit: Twitter

There's everything from Nutella duvet-covers to Nutella wallpaper and even croissant-shaped pillows on the bed - tasty.

Quite frankly, it looks a little over the top, but what else would you expect from a chocolate-spread-inspired-pop-up-hotel?

It isn't just the decor that's mouth-watering, though.

Credit: Twitter

Geoffrey Zakarian of the Food Network and Iron Chef will be cooking breakfast for dinner in the hotel.

TV personality Tanya Holland will make southern-inspired Nutella breakfasts, and pancake artists DanCakes will teach a class on making creative pancake art.

But just before you start gathering every spatula in the house and packing your bags, know that the hotel isn't temporary.

Credit: Twitter

It'll be open on the weekend of January 10 - 12, 2020 only.

If you fancy visiting, you need to head over to the official Hotella Nutella website, and enter their competition.

In order to win a place, you'll have to create a video (60 seconds or less) demonstrating how Nutella makes your morning special, and send it in!

Submissions end on December 8, so don't be (choco) late! - *see what we did there?

Who knows, if enough people enter, we might be able to convince Ferrero to launch a permanent one - maybe just a little closer to home, though. *Next door to Irish Post HQ would be lovely.