Petition urging Justice Minister to stop early release of 'dangerous abuser’ amasses hundreds of signatures

Petition urging Justice Minister to stop early release of 'dangerous abuser’ amasses hundreds of signatures

A PETITION calling on Ireland’s Justice Minister to prevent the early release of a “dangerous abuser” has amassed widespread support online. 

The campaign group Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland is asking for Helen McEntee to review plans for the early release of Paul Barry. 

Barry is scheduled for be released this coming Christmas after serving only 24 months of his original 32-month prison sentence. 

He was previously convicted of the unprovoked assault of his former partner, Kim Fox, who was left for dead following a savage attack in December 2018. 

On December 9th of that year, Barry returned home from a long night of drinking and drug use with friends. He proceeded to administer a severe beating to Fox, who was left bloodied and unconscious following the brutal ordeal.  

Fox spent three days in hospital following the savage attack at her Dublin home. The assault left her with a fractured eye socket, three fractured ribs and soft tissue damage to her upper body and face. 

Two of her front teeth were also lost in the attack. The experience left her permanently traumatised and resulted in the loss of her job, with Fox unable to leave the house for a month afterwards while she recovered from the physical injuries incurred. 

Despite 17 previous convictions and the fact the crime carries a maximum sentence of five years, Barry was sentenced to just 32 months behind bars. 

Now he is due to be released early in a scenario that has left Fox understandably terrified. 

Stop Domestic Violence in Ireland, which has provided legal support and counselling to the Dublin woman since the attackis calling on the Justice Minister to not only review plans for Barry’s release but also issue a Protective Order to keep Fox safe.  

“Understandably, Kim and her family are terrorised with the thoughts that Paul will come and finish what he started,” the petition states. 

“Kim's residence has just a lane between his residence and hers. This area is a common means of travel that is needed to get to her mother's home and other areas. She lives in fear he will be there waiting for her.” 

At the time of writing, the petition had amassed close to 900 signatures, having set an initial target of 1,000. Anyone wishing to lend their support to the campaign can do so here.