Piers Morgan blames Biden for Afghanistan crisis and insists liberals should stop pointing finger at Trump

Piers Morgan blames Biden for Afghanistan crisis and insists liberals should stop pointing finger at Trump

PIERS MORGAN says Joe Biden is to blame for the current crisis in Afghanistan, branding his handling and response to the situation "shameful".

The former Good Morning Britain host said that Biden had "failed the people of Afghanistan" by allowing the Taliban to take back control of the country after withdrawing US troops from the region in such haste.

He also criticised those on the left trying to blame former president Donald Trump for the fiasco.

"Liberals desperately trying to blame Trump for this Afghanistan fiasco need to explain why Biden didn’t cancel any previous agreement with the Taliban given he’s revoked myriad Trump policies?" Morgan tweeted on Monday.

"This is on the current President - he let it happen & the deadly buck stops with him."

He later hit out at Biden for contradicting himself during his press conference.

"President Biden said 'the buck stops with me' over this deadly Afghanistan fiasco - then promptly passed the buck to the Afghans, Trump, and anyone else he could think of to get himself off the rap of an unfurling military & humanitarian catastrophe.

"Shameless and shameful."

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan following the recent withdrawal of American troops. While Trump signed the deal to pull the military out of the country back in 2020, Biden accelerated the process, despite a number of advisers warnings him of the threat the Taliban posed to the security of Afghanistan should the US leave.

After taking control of a number of major Afghan cities earlier this month, the Taliban stormed into Kabul on Sunday, leading to the immediate collapsed of the local government.

In response, thousands of citizens flocked to the city's airport in a desperate bid to flee the country, as footages emerged showing hundreds of men, women and children on the runway trying to clamber aboard departing aircraft.

Eight people are believed to have died during the chaos. Two were shot by American troops trying to cal m the baying crowds. Three were crushed under a moving jet as it taxied to the runway, and three more are believed to have fallen to their deaths after clinging to the plane as it took off.

Biden addressed the media on Monday evening, stressing that he stands behind his decision to withdraw, asking reporters "how many more American lives is it worth?"

The President also claimed that America's mission in Afghanistan was one of counter-terrorism, not nation-building, and said that the US had done all it could to prepare local military forces for a Taliban attack.