Pregnant NHS nurse who contracted coronavirus has died

Pregnant NHS nurse who contracted coronavirus has died

AN NHS NURSE, who was heavily pregnant when she tested positive for coronavirus, tragically died on Sunday.

It's understood that the 28-year-old underwent an emergency c-section operation to save the baby's life after her health deteriorated.

According to Channel 4 News, the baby girl is alive and being cared for.

It isn't known whether or not she has contracted covid-19.

Colleagues of the "fabulous nurse" paid tribute to her, declaring that she was "a great example of what we stand for".


The Trust's chief executive said she was a "wonderful young woman who made a huge contribution, adding that the survival of her baby daughter was a "beacon of light at this very dark time."

Reportedly, she had initially shown signs of improvement before becoming unwell again and sadly passing away.

Her deaths means that now 20 NHS workers have died as a result of coronavirus.

On Wednesday, a number of UK-based newspapers lined their front page with the faces of the NHS members of staff who had died due to the virus.