Pub owner hangs hilarious sarcastic sign to troll neighbours who complained about noise

Pub owner hangs hilarious sarcastic sign to troll neighbours who complained about noise

A PUB OWNER has responded brilliantly after neighbours of his made a number of noise complaints.

Michael Campbell, who owns the Hare and Hounds pub in Essex, England, hung a massive banner outside the building, urging customers, sarcastically, to keep quiet.

Obviously fed up with receiving petty complaints from next door, Michael decided to exact revenge, savaging his neighbours with fabulously cheeky wit.

"Dear customers," he wrote. "Can we please ask that you WHISPER whilst in our garden.

"This is due to the fact that we have NEIGHBOURS that forget they live next door to a PUB and not a LIBRARY and have nothing better to do than run to the COUNCIL and WHINGE."

The sarky sign was well received by customers at the Hare and Hounds, who were eager to show their support in person and on social media, particularly given the incredibly difficult last 15 months pub owners across the country have had to endure.

"The feedback we have had since putting those banners up has been amazing," Michael said.

"Everyone is quite literally telling us that it's right.

"I think the sign is appropriate. I completely understand that it's a little cheeky, but it's more of a statement. We are just a business trying to survive.

"We have been closed for over a year due to lockdown and they are trying to close us again."

Michael explained that when he reopened in April following a year in lockdown, the pub increased its outdoor capacity in order to accommodate as many customers as possible.

He says he's been getting complaints from neighbours "every weekend", but argues that the extra customers are vital because without them, he wouldn't be able to stay afloat.

"Every weekend we are getting 'noise complaints' from the council ... meaning that if we make too much noise the council will take us to court and give us a huge fine.

"They are also trying to put a closure notice on me which could shut our garden for three months. Without the garden, our capacity would drop by 260 to around 46, but 40 people wouldn't even cover the bills."