Pubs in UK to open on July 4 in latest easing of lockdown restrictions

Pubs in UK to open on July 4 in latest easing of lockdown restrictions

THE UK is set to open up its pubs again as the country continues to ease its lockdown restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined plans to allow pubs, as well as restaurants, museums and cinemas to begin reopening from July 4.

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson published the Government's review of the two-metre social-distancing rule, officially reducing it to one metre.

The move comes amid growing pressure on the government to ease lockdown restrictions in order to aid the hospitality industry.

Pubs and restaurants around the country would likely struggle to stay profitable if they had no choice but to enforce strict social-distancing rules, but with the more relaxed proposal, many businesses in the industry will be able to operate effectively like normal.


While hairdressers and weddings are back on the cards, Johnson confirmed that gyms and swimming pools will remain closed.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that England is "clearly on track" to ease lockdown restrictions, though some scientists have warned of another spike in coronavirus infections if restrictions are discarded too easily.

The UK would join the likes of China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong and Singapore in adopting a new one metre social-distancing rule.

It's understood that pubs around the country will be operating in an alfresco-style, in that they will encourage customers to sit and drink outdoors in specified seating areas, rather than congregate at the bar where infection is most likely to spread.