Ryan Tubridy insists he DIDN'T say F-word during Friday's Toy Show broadcast

Ryan Tubridy insists he DIDN'T say F-word during Friday's Toy Show broadcast

THE LATE LATE SHOW host Ryan Tubridy has claimed he didn't drop the F-bomb during an episode of the Toy Show.

On Friday's programme, Tubridy was opening a bottle of Fanta - which fizzed up and spilled all over him - when he appeared to mutter a very naughty curse word.

Hilariously, Tubridy then gave the camera a very awkward, and very guilty-looking glance, in the hopes that no one had noticed the blunder - the clip of which went viral in an instant.

But Tubridy insists that he didn't use the F-word, and that by listening carefully, you can hear what he actually said ... the B-word!

"Everyone has their favourite moment [from the Toy Show], you know, that bit when and that bit when, and I've forgotten because I haven't watched it back yet, I still don't know," he said during his radio show on Monday morning.

"The only clip I've been shown repeatedly involves a bottle of Fanta - I'll get to that in a second. Of all things, you just never know, it's live, there's kids, it's Christmas, what do you expect?

"The answer is the unexpected.

"I opened the bottle and it went everywhere - I still don't know, we'll have a tribunal of inquiry as to was the bottle shaken by somebody stirring it up behind the scenes? I don't know.

"Or was it just one of those bottles that was just flung in?"

He then address the F-bomb claims.

"Apparently somebody very naughty may or may not have said a certain word. And I've been laughing about it all weekend because my phone melted with all sorts of nice things from people but the truth of the matter is, people thought it was an F-bomb and it wasn't.

"Strangely, it was a B-bomb.

"You have to listen very carefully and it probably rhymes closer to a word like 'pollocks' rather than anything else.

"And that's the word, but it's been misinterpreted, which is fair enough, I don't mind, I'm not an angel.

"But listen closer, listen closer, and you'll hear the slip of the tongue."

*We have listened closer, Ryan, and all we can hear is the F-bomb I'm afraid! But nice try!