Irish airport crowned the most scenic in the world

Irish airport crowned the most scenic in the world

WE DIDN'T see this coming.

Ireland is a beautiful country, there's no doubt about it.

We have certain gorgeous sights such as the Cliffs of Moher, Tara Hill, the Giant's Causeway and the Ring of Kerry, that's without mentioning the numerous beaches we have.

One stretch of land that has been recently recognised for its beauty is in County Donegal.

The airport landing of Donegal Airport has won a poll run by PrivateFly in a bid to find out which was the most scenic.

According to the poll results, the Ulster airport has more than a few fans as it won the list of the top 10 ahead of airports in New Zealand, France and Canada.

The list, compiled by votes collected by voters crowned Donegal Airport as the most beautiful landing, with voters commenting that there are: "Spectacular views of the Atlantic coastline, the beautiful Mount Errigal and a beach which is the most stunning in the world."

Another voter stated: "From the smattering of clouds, the Wild Atlantic Way appears like an oasis. Beautiful clear blue waters and the clearest sand you've ever seen."

The runners-up included Miami Airport, London City Airport and Nice Airport too.

The winners were as follows:

1. Donegal Airport
2. Barra Airport in Scotland
3. Nice Airport in France
4. Queenstown Airport in New Zealand
5. Saba Airport in Netherlands Antilles
6. Orlando Melbourne International Airport, USA
7. Toronto Billy Bishop in Canada
8. London City Airport in England)
9. St Maarten in Netherlands Antilles
10. Miami Airport, USA