‘His mam will be proud’ – Search for young Irishman who quietly cleaned up vile vandalism goes viral in America

‘His mam will be proud’ – Search for young Irishman who quietly cleaned up vile vandalism goes viral in America

THE search for a young Irishman captured on CCTV tidying up a mess left by vandals has gone viral after it was featured on US news.

ABC News in America picked up on the story after Kearney’s Interiors, Co. Louth, shared a video of an anonymous passer-by coming to their aid last week.

A group of men were filmed shortly beforehand throwing potted plants from the shop’s window to the ground in a senseless act of vandalism.

About an hour later, the unnamed Good Samaritan noticed the destruction while passing the shop and picked up each of the plants before putting them back where they belonged.

"Thoughtful man in Ireland praised after surveillance cam catches him returning potted plants tossed by vandals to a store window,” ABC News wrote on Twitter after sharing the video.

The post has since gone viral with thousands of likes and over 600 retweets.

The original post from Kearney's Interior’s read: "After looking at the CCTV from the shopfront being vandalised, we came across this – a young gentleman who tidied up the mess and re-potted the flowers!

“Store owner Thomas has left a voucher in the shop for him as a thank you gesture so if anyone knows him or can contact him please do!”

The shop has since posted an update to say the three men responsible for the damage have visited the store to apologise and have offered to pay for any damage.

However, the owner is still hoping someone will recognise the anonymous do-gooder so that he can be rewarded for his thankless act of kindness.

PLEASE SHARE!! A group of vandals decided to pull up the flowers and throw them down the street in front of our shop in the early hours of the Bank Holiday Monday, leaving the shopfront and footpath in a complete mess. Guards are looking to identify the 3 individuals seen in the CCTV footage. If anyone can help please contact us here in Kearneys.
We all work hard to keep the town looking its best. NAME & SHAME THESE VANDALS.

Posted by Kearneys Interior on Tuesday, October 31, 2017