Sinead O'Connor announces comeback tour of Ireland in October

Sinead O'Connor announces comeback tour of Ireland in October

SINEAD O'CONNOR has announced that she's set to tour Ireland in October, with four dates already confirmed.

O'Connor, who now goes by the name Shuhada Davitt, will return to the stage for performances in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Wexford, and has even hinted at a new album.

O'Connor converted to Islam in 2018

A press release announcing her tour explained that O'Connor's absence from public life was due to a "four-year journey of self-renewal" which included a conversion to Islam in 2018.

"After something of a re-birth following her spiritual conversion Sinead O’Connor returns," reads the press release, while promising fans a "unique and intimate performance" from the Irish singer-songwriter.

Referring to her harsh upbringing, the statement continues: “Born into tragic times with her own tragic story, one among many from those days, Sinead would not be defined by what was at that time beyond her control. Her spirit would blossom and bloom manifesting her gift, her voice.

“This year marks the return of Sinead O’Connor and a new beginning that will see Sinead bring out new music and tour the world once again as one of the true and original living greats of our time.”

O'Connor has announced a tour of Ireland in October

O'Connor missed the Galway Arts Festival in 2015, but promised to go back and make amends. And after announcing a performance in Galway as part of her Autumn tour, it appears that promise will be fulfilled.

A return to the stage for the Dublin-born star has been anticipated ever since she signed a contract with ICM Partners, a talent agency based in Los Angeles, back in May.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sinead is working on new music and will soon release her 11th album, No Mud No Lotus, after which a world tour is expected to follow.

*Dates announced for her Irish tour*

Oct 17th – Roisin Dubh, Galway

Oct 24th – Spiegeltent, Wexford

Oct 26th – Opera House, Cork

Oct 27th – Vicar St, Dublin