Sinead O'Connor slams Dublin anti-mask protestors for using her music during rally

Sinead O'Connor slams Dublin anti-mask protestors for using her music during rally

SINEAD O’CONNOR has slammed anti-mask protestors in Dublin for their use of one of her songs during this weekend’s demonstrations. 

The protest took place at Custom House Quay this past Saturday, August 22nd. 

It saw hundreds of demonstrators descend on the Irish capital to speak out against the government’s strict lockdown restrictions. 

The demonstration was organised by Health Freedom Ireland with the support of Yellow Vest Ireland and features several keynote speakers. 

While protestors spoke out against the lockdown measures and mandatory use of masks on public transport, other topics of contention included the introduction of hand sanitiser stations in shops and plans for social distancing in schools. 

The majority of those in attendance at the rally opted not to wear face coverings while there was little in the way of social distancing. 

The protests drew widespread ire online, with O’Connor among those to speak out against the demonstrators – with good reason. 

Taking to Twitter the 53-year-old Irish singer, who identifies as Shuhada Sadaqat since converting to Islam in October 2018, slammed the protestors after footage showed the crowd singing along to her version of The Foggy Dew. 

She said: “Can I please ask that selfishly unmasked crowds standing shoulder to shoulder protesting and ignoring Covid protective restrictions not use my music as if to suggest I support you in any way. I do not.” 

The Nothing Compares 2 U star’s comments were soon picked up on by former musician and noted conspiracy theorist Jim Corr of The Corrs. 

Responding to her message, he wrote: “I admire the way you spoke out bravely in the past Sinead to much scorn at the time only to be proven right.   

“I’m surprised however you’re not yet awake to the Plandemic, but you will be, knowing that great mind of yours x.” 

The Irish singer, however, dismissed Corr’s claims. 

“Jim, you need to get a life,” she replied. 

"Maybe if you’re bored today you could help  @JimCorr get a life. The FACT is that whether or not there is any conspiracy, there is a virus. Of which two people I know have died.   

“So protest if you want. But if you don’t wear a mask in a crowd you’re just being selfish and stupid.” 

O'Connor's criticism followings similar remarks from Jedward, who hit out at Corr for his anti-mask sentiments.