Sinead O'Connor reveals details of son Shane's funeral

Sinead O'Connor reveals details of son Shane's funeral

SINEAD O'CONNOR has announced details of her son Shane's funeral after he died by suicide over the weekend.

Shane O'Connor (17) died after he went missing on Thursday from Tallaght Hospital in Dublin where he was receiving treatment.

Now, Sinead has taken to Twitter to say that her son was a Hindu, and that his funeral will only be attended by her and his father, Donal Lunny, as this was Shane's wish.

She also asked that if anyone is sending anything to the mortuary at Loughlinstown hospital to send flowers and Hindu objects.

Alternatively, she said flowers or Hindu objects can be sent to Newlands Cross crematorium, where she believes the ceremony will take place on Thursday.

Sinead converted to Islam in 2018 and changed her name to Shuhada Sadaqat.

In the days after her son's death, she had criticised Tusla (the Child and Family Agency of Ireland) and the Health Service Executive for her son's death.

Those tweets have now been removed, and she has since apologised, saying that Tusla did their best: "We all did: and I am deeply sorry to have blamed anyone."

She said Ireland is a "third world country" that only has 12 beds in special care for suicidal teenagers.

Reports say that there will be several inquiries into the circumstances of his death.