Sinead O'Connor reveals her new last name just weeks after converting to Islam

Sinead O'Connor reveals her new last name just weeks after converting to Islam

SINEAD O'Connor has unveiled her new surname less than a month after changing her first name to Shuhada' following her conversion to Islam.

The Irish singer, who last year changed her legal name to Magda Davitt, had been going by the full name Shuhada' Davitt since becoming a Muslim late last month.

But in a tweet on Tuesday, the 51-year-old revealed that she has ditched 'Davitt' and opted instead for the Islamic last name 'Sadaqat' – which means "truth" in Urdu.

Shuhada' – which itself means 'one who bears witness' in Arabic – told her followers: "I Decided to take a new last name also. Sadaqat."

On Sunday, the Dublin-born musician hit out at those suggesting she has "flipped" in recent weeks by claiming anyone who isn't Muslim is suffering from a mental illness.

She tweeted: "Amazing how many people ask me or suggest to me I’ve ‘flipped’ or am ‘mentally ill’ for becoming Muslim.

"I feel like whoever doesn’t become a Muslim is actually the mentally ill one."

The unsavoury tweet came after O'Connor caused controversy earlier this month by declaring that she no longer wanted to spend time with "disgusting" white people and non-Muslims – remarks she attempted to clarify on Twitter recently.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer later admitted that she "loves annoying white supremacists", and claimed: "I don’t really hate white people, it’s just the way I see it is Twitter would close my account if I said I did because they closed my account for saying I don’t like nuns murdering babies in Ireland.

"I was rather hoping they would close my page if I said I hated white people. But they didn't."